December 1994

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Case 94-2FL

Reporting Officer: Seargent Adam Cardellen

Incident Description: Discovery of ███████

Date of Incident: December 22nd 1994

Incident Report:

Early morning, Carvenera Forest, Robin Trail.

6:30AM-7:02AM Hiker Jessica Plains comes across a white plastic bag [Evidence 1A, Locker 9] 2.5km into the Robin Trail at Carvenera Forest. Upon further inspection, Plains finds that the bag contains human body parts [Evidence 1B, Locker 9] and quickly returns to Carvenera Forest Ranger Station, informing the on duty ranger [Barbera Stevens, 46] who promptly contacted the department.

10:17AM-11:27AM Officer's Fyatt and Vernley arrive at the scene, delayed by another incident [Case 94-2FM]. The remains are identified and collected by the Officers, the scene is tapered off and the evidence is sent to Carvenera County Hospital for further examination.

12:00PM-13:46PM Pathologist M.D. Lauren Farris identifies the remains as a human kidney and a sawed-off ear. The kidney was analyzed and determined to have only been removed from a body within the last 2 days. The information is sent to Seargent Adam Cardellan and frozen for later examination.