January 1995

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Dave, I don't know if this is important or not but it seemed relevant.


Case 95-1AA

Reporting Officer: Seargent Adam Cardellen

Incident Description: Dissapearence of Jessica Plains

Date of Incident: December 31st 1994/January 1st 1995

Incident Report:

Midnight, Town Centre.

During the new years celebrations at the town centre, shortly before the midnight countdown, Jessica Plains' family lost sight of her. According to the audio report, the family claims that they 'assumed she had gone to use the bathroom' but when she didn't return for half an hour they became concerned. Plains was last seen at approximately 11:58pm.

11:58PM-12:28AM Miss Jessica Plains, age nineteen, dissapears from the town centre without notifying her family. Jessica's family quickly become concerened and speak with Officer Vernley who begins to search for her.

1:14AM-6:00AM A brown handbag is found at the entrance to Carvenera Forest, just outside of the Ranger Station, the handbag was identified by Jessica's mother as belonging to her. A search of the forest began but because of the darkness nothing was found.

6:00AM-8:52AMThe search for Jessica continued at sunrise, Officers managed to locate a set of footprints in the wet dirt that may have belonged to Jessica. The footprints abruptly ended at a cliff edge, however, Jessica was no where in sight. A roll of tape was located beside the cliff edge [LOCKER 10, 1A & 1B] with the sentence 'I CAN'T HEAR THE RAIN ANYMORE.' written on the inner side, it is unknown whether this is related to the case or not.